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Sherborne Castle in the Autumn

Sherborne Castle grounds look stunning this year.

Head Gardener Tim Stiles says that this year’s autumn Castle grounds are the best he has seen for at least 10 years – and he should know(!)

The leaves on the trees come in a huge variety of autumn shades, providing a landscape of amazing colours.

Click on a pic to view the slideshow:

Congratulations to Tim and his (small) team for cultivating and sustaining such a marvellous terrain!

Sherborne Castle Autumn Colours

Sherborne Castle’s grounds always look amazing in the autumn when the leaves are on the turn. There are many magnificent trees and shrubs that display a multitude of colours.

Sherborne Castle grounds

And it’s not just the plants: the feathered residents also display some distinctive colouring:

Sherborne Castle ducks


And the New Castle, as ever, looks imposing:

Sherborne New Castle

We are proud of our Castles and their grounds – open to the public to view their heritage.