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Slipped Stitch Woolly Flowers

There are all sorts of Bloomers in Sherborne  and these ladies prefer to create woolly petals  🙂

They assembled in the Slipped Stitch shop to  create crocheted flowers in  our summer colour scheme and these will be used to decorate the shop window when the  judges come round.

Let’s hope the judges will be duly impressed by their efforts…

(Your webmaster actually crocheted one bloom. It took her an hour and it’s a bit wonky but that’s nature)


Champion of Champions Cup

Last October we became joint South West in Bloom Champion of Champions with St Just in Cornwall.

Bonhomous as we are, we let them take the cup home for the first half of the year. Then last week we had an email from them to say they’d like to meet up on the A303 and hand the cup over to us.

So, we got together and Giles of St Just presented the cup to Gillian of Sherborne, together with a nice bunch of blooms.

Thank you St Just. We’re proud to have this magnificent trophy.

See the cup around town: we’re passing it around different venues so that the people of Sherborne can see it and share our pride!