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Hanging Baskets Project

Sherborne in Bloom is constantly striving to make our town look attractive but one of the problems we have faced in recent years is that it has often been difficult to persuade businesses to fund hanging baskets outside their shops.

The display of baskets in Cheap Street and the surrounding shopping areas has therefore been patchy and we have worked on different ideas to fill the gaps. This year we decided to take matters into our own hands and we have raised the money to fund enough baskets to hang on all the empty brackets above the shops.

We have done this with the help of our sponsors, including Sherborne Town Council who will water the baskets.

Today the workmen mounted the baskets and the streets have come alive.

The colourful baskets make our shopping areas look summery and welcoming and everyone can benefit: the businesses, the residents and all the welcome guests.

Castleton Blooms Again

Our adopt-a-plotters at the Castleton Sub-station garden have surpassed themselves again this year. The seeds that they planted in May are blooming profusely and the colours and variety are a welcome improvement on last year.

Castleton Sub-station wildflower garden

The variety and colours are stunning and they give every sign of growing on through the season:

Castleton Sub-station wildflower garden


Castleton Sub-station wildflower garden

The flowers in the garden are chosen to be attractive to butterflies and bees and the insects have been buzzing and fluttering as never before:




Well done to this hard-working group of neighbours who have transformed this corner of our town!