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Greening Grey Castleton

‘Greening Grey Britain’ is one of the themes of Britain in Bloom this year.

We’ve been doing just that with the Castleton Wildflower Garden. This was once a derelict plot of land surrounding an electricity sub-station which we have been converting into a bee and butterfly garden.

Neighbours William and Richard were hard at work today clearing up the overgrowth and weeds left over from last year:

Watch this space you insects!

Castleton Blooms Again

Our adopt-a-plotters at the Castleton Sub-station garden have surpassed themselves again this year. The seeds that they planted in May are blooming profusely and the colours and variety are a welcome improvement on last year.

Castleton Sub-station wildflower garden

The variety and colours are stunning and they give every sign of growing on through the season:

Castleton Sub-station wildflower garden


Castleton Sub-station wildflower garden

The flowers in the garden are chosen to be attractive to butterflies and bees and the insects have been buzzing and fluttering as never before:




Well done to this hard-working group of neighbours who have transformed this corner of our town!