Daffs in Bloom

We’ve been waiting for our Sherborne daffodils and now, at last, they are all around the town. 

Here are some outside the library and the Digby Hall in Hound Street:

These make a splendid show for all visitors to these locations. Thanks to the gardeners of Sherborne Town Council who do all the hard work to make it happen!


Greening Grey Castleton

‘Greening Grey Britain’ is one of the themes of Britain in Bloom this year.

We’ve been doing just that with the Castleton Wildflower Garden. This was once a derelict plot of land surrounding an electricity sub-station which we have been converting into a bee and butterfly garden.

Neighbours William and Richard were hard at work today clearing up the overgrowth and weeds left over from last year:

Watch this space you insects!

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